Goodmorning, AI is backstabbing the Internet.

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Here are 3 things you need to know because in the next 2 years we have a BIG "AI problem".

I've noticed a WORRYING phenomenon in the last months, and the wise @AIandDesign confirmed it.

After checking some data, it's quite clear:

1. The "Internet waters" are getting POLLUTED.

Have you noticed how many AI tools for "article generation" are available?

No, you didn't.

I did: 264.

What does this mean, Alex?

That people are pumping the Internet full of low-effort, robotic, ChatGPT 3.5 API-based "articles".

To win SEO ranking.

And it works.

At the cost of p*ssing in the water that we all drink.

Google Search is not able to cope with this volume and they know it. They are trying to ban and de-rank AI-generated stuff.

Why they are FAILING:

2. AI detectors do NOT work.

I tried multiple ones, 34 times.

They do NOT pick up up Midjourney-generated images.

They do not properly recognize ChatGPT-generated text.

Or to better say it: their success ratio is around 50%.

Which is BAD. It's a coin flip.

Do you trust coin flips? I don't.

If you found the AI detector tool that WORKS, I'll pay $50/month for the subscription. Send it to me in the DMs.

But you don't have it, and I can't build it because the AI is too good.

Claude 3 and Gemini are exceptional at mimicking "human voice". NOT human intelligence.

Hence the issue with all these thousands of articles being pumped daily. They are something I call "token fluff", good sounding words that are EMPTY.

3. The REAL issue

LAZY humans + AI.

To quote my friend Marco @AIandDesign (follow him):

The "dark side" (of AI) is the fact that you can be lazy and just "push the button" and get output.

A lot of people are watching the folks who put a lot of time, effort and thought into their work with AI thinking: "Hah! I can do this too. Easy money!"

Which is now starting to cause a problem: We are being flooded with "AI slop".

Low-effort content produced by millions and millions of people. It's starting to saturate social media and e-commerce, making it harder and harder to get to the good stuff.

The good stuff (produced with AI or without AI, good either way) is being drowned out by the "AI slop" which is hurting everyone who is putting in the effort AND it's giving AI a bad name.

How do we fix this:

At the moment we can't. I am not smart enough today to figure out the solution.

How do you defend yourself:

Videos and voices can't be 100% faked and "AI spammed". For now.

Spaces, workshops, podcasts, long videos.

I desperately look for my circle of inspiring humans, who I see, who get on calls with me, who THINK deeply every day.

The rest I am VERY skeptical. I HATE the "AI farms": AI girlfriends, AI blog post copy-paste, low effort faceless AI videos.

They work though.

And they will break EVERYTHING in 2 years.


Don't be a lazy human with AI.

The quick win you are stealing in 2024, will choke EVERYONE, YOU included in 2025.

VULGAR language warning:

The Internet is the water that we all drink today, p*ss too much in it and it will get salty.

Took me a while to HUMAN write this, to check tools and trends.

Feel free to share, it really helps.

Or criticize and educate me.

Let me know your thoughts, is the Internet dying because of AI?

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- Alex

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