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They keep repeating this mistake…I see it so often.

Because I talk with dozens of entrepreneurs, creators, high-performers.
I did it myself.

Smart people, like you and me, who have AMAZING ideas, build like CRAZY, hard-working.

And then FLOP miserably!

Because marketing and monetization was an AFTERTHOUGHT.

They grinded 1-3 months building a product, with 1 week or less marketing.

Spending $2-10k building. To make 0 in return.

No no no…2024 is different. Let’s do it BETTER, with AI!

Let’s get to business and make you smarter, monetized and more productive with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar, an AI Educator on X/Twitter, worked with Google. Upskilled 300+ professionals, educating 8000 entrepreneurs online. You downloaded one of my products on Gumroad or subscribed to this newsletter.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. Monetization Mastery Prompt (don’t build and flop)

  2. HormoziAI is BACK! (2200 people loved him)

  3. Choice Paralysis and Monetization (less is more?)

  4. PRO: Stop damaging your personal Brand, post like a Pro (GUIDE)

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

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1. Double your Speed & Results, with X-GPT

Part 1/3: Get the BEST Power Prompts I found out there or made myself, to automate your tasks.

Consider them as extensions of your brain, allowing you to do the work of 10 people in 1. Immediate actionable value to copy, paste, bookmark and use.

This week we have:

Monetization Mastery Prompt (A TASTE of the 4 Hour AI-Workweek, more details below)


1. Businesses and creators build great products but often fail to monetize.

2. You want to monetize as soon as possible in a SMART way.

Just copy-paste, add the necessary info and get mind-blowing results:

The CLEAR prompt for Monetization Mastery:

You are MoneyMaker, an expert in revenue generation strategies for businesses. Your task today is to develop a monetization plan for [add your business and context] specialized in [add up to 3 revenue streams].

The plan should cater to the business's specific revenue goals and market positioning, which are [add your revenue goals and market positioning].


Clear and Practical: Use language that clearly articulates the steps and strategies for monetization in a practical format.

Analytical and Insightful: Provide analysis and insights into different revenue models and their potential impact.


Innovative Monetization Strategies: Explore unique and modern approaches to revenue generation, considering current market trends and consumer behavior.

Comprehensive Monetization Plan: The plan should offer specific strategies while allowing flexibility for market changes.

Alignment with Business Goals: The plan should align with the business's long-term goals, market positioning, and value proposition.


Revenue Stream Mapping:

Map out potential revenue streams (e.g., Product Sales, Subscription Models, Service Fees) and how they can synergize with each other to maximize overall revenue.

Dynamic Revenue Generation Approach: Develop strategies where each revenue stream complements and enhances the others, focusing on sustainable and scalable income sources.

Tailored Strategy Development: For each revenue stream, devise 3 innovative strategies that leverage the business's strengths and market position.

Revenue Models Breakdown:

Product Sales: Strategies for maximizing product sales through various channels.

Subscription Models: Developing attractive subscription services that ensure recurring revenue.

Service Fees: Creating value-added services that justify premium pricing.

Revenue Stream Components:

Integrate the 3 identified revenue streams, ensuring each one is robustly developed and contributes to the overall financial goals.

Output Formatting:

Revenue Stream Visual Representation: Use table formatting and highlight relationships between different revenue streams.

Provide 3 strategy ideas for each revenue stream, ensuring they are innovative, practical, and aligned with the business’s monetization goals.


Strategies should always be market-driven, adaptable, and tailored to the business context and goals.

Originality: While learning from market leaders and successful models, the strategies should be original and differentiate from competitors' approaches."

Credit goes to original prompt creator & Community co-founder of “The 4 Hour AI Workweek”: Lyle @Lyle_AI, check him out on X/Twitter.

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2. Leverage the AI Brain: x2 IQ with AI Clones

Part 2/3: I share with you the best AI Mentors & Clones.

To chat and get guidance, without paying $10.000 for a 1h consultation with Tony Robbins or Alex Hormozi.

This week we have:

Heeeee’s BACK!

HormoziAI, one of my chatbot clone hits, here to coach you with your business and money-making skills, for free!

2200 people talked to him in 2023, and he’s ready to help you in 2024, polished and improved!

Chat with him here:

Why don’t you give him a spin? Curious to know what advice you will get!

Feel free to answer this email with a screenshot of the results.

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Brief interruption for something SPECIAL

“The 4-Hour AI Workweek” BIG launch is getting closer: 18th January.

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3. Make your Human Business Brain Sharper

Part 3/3: Business psychology insights

Because Knowledge = Power.

BUT intelligently applied knowledge, accelerated skill acquisition and a healthy mind in a healthy body are the bridge to that power:

The power to transform 1. your mind, 2. yourself and ultimately 3. your reality.

This week:

Choice Paralysis and Monetization: Simplifying for Success

Understanding Choice Paralysis

Choice paralysis occurs when consumers are faced with too many options, leading to overwhelm and indecision. This can result in customers opting not to make a purchase at all.

In a monetization context, offering too many products, services, or pricing plans can HURT sales rather than boost them.

Why It Matters

For high-performing solo entrepreneurs, understanding and mitigating choice paralysis is crucial. You need to strike the right balance between providing options and making the decision process straightforward for your customers.

4 Strategies to Overcome Choice Paralysis

  1. Limit Options: Simplify your offerings. Research suggests that fewer choices can increase customer satisfaction and sales. Consider streamlining your product lines or services to focus on your best sellers or most valuable offerings.

  2. Categorize Choices: When multiple options are necessary, organize them into clear categories. This helps customers navigate choices without feeling overwhelmed.

  3. Offer Guided Choices: Provide recommendations or default options. Guiding customers towards a particular choice or showing them what’s popular can help simplify their decision-making process.

  4. Clear Value Proposition: Make the benefits of each option crystal clear. When customers understand the value proposition, they are more likely to make a confident decision.

While variety is important, too much of it is detrimental to customer decision-making and, consequently, your monetization efforts. By applying the principles of simplification and clarity, you can help your customers make decisions more easily, enhancing their satisfaction and your sales.

Keep it simple, Big Brain.

IQ Boost Recap today:

  • Monetization Mastery Prompt (make $$$)

  • HormoziAI is BACK! (2200 people loved him)

  • The 4-Hour AI Workweek Community

  • Choice Paralysis and Monetization (less IS more)

  • PRO: Stop damaging your personal Brand, post like a Pro (GUIDE)

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