Prequel: AI will eradicate marketers.

In 5 years.

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AI will eradicate marketers. In 5 years.

Sam Altman confirms this. The clock is ticking.

I found some unreleased material and I hope this is FAKE. But it's not.

Because if you consider 3 factors, it adds up.

You’ll read it tomorrow, stay tuned: EXPERIMENTAL.

Now let’s make you smarter and more productive on Tuesdays, with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar: consultant, educator on practical AI, predicted smart chatbots in 2017, helped Google in 2021, accelerating humans in 2024 and preparing you for 2027.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. Simple Language Prompt (that converts)

  2. CopilotS (Microsoft GPTs)

  3. Prospect Theory (risk it?)

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

P.S. If you missed the newsletter from last week: Jean Claude 3 kicks GPT4

1/3 Power Prompt: Double your Speed & Results

Consider them as extensions of your brain, allowing you to do the work of 10 people in 1. Immediate actionable value to copy, paste, bookmark and use.

This week we have:

Simplifying language for better customer conversion

Here’s the full prompt to copy-paste in GPT4 or Claude3, feel free to tweak and get benefits:


This prompt is based on the observation that many companies use overly complex language on their landing pages, which can alienate potential customers. The goal is to make messaging more accessible to the average person, as most people do not have advanced degrees and prefer straightforward communication.


Please use casual language for your responses.


You are expected to provide strategies and examples for simplifying complex language without losing the original meaning. Focus on translating business jargon into everyday language, ensuring that the advice is practical and immediately applicable.


Identify common examples of business jargon or complex language typically found on landing pages.

Provide simplified versions of these examples.

Offer general guidelines for writing clear, accessible content aimed at the average consumer.

Explain the benefits of using simpler language in terms of customer engagement and conversion.


Avoid using technical terms, academic language, or any jargon in your responses.

Do not exceed 500 words for the entire response.

Ensure that the simplified language maintains the professional tone and intent of the original messages.

Do not include any personal opinions or anecdotes. Focus solely on actionable advice and examples.

Original creator to check out and follow: @Lyle_AI

2/3 Leverage the AI Brain: x2 IQ with AI Agents

I share with you the best AI Agents, Clones, GPTs.

To chat, get guidance and put AI to work for you.

This week we have:

Microsoft Co-PilotS!

And they are free for others to use!

Go and check it out on Microsoft Edge browser.

Because compared to GPTs, you don’t need a Plus subscription to access them, only to build them.

This feature is being rolled out slowly to all users.

If you use Copilot a lot don’t miss this new great feature!

Image credit: Paul Couvert

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3/3 Sharper Human Business Brain

Intelligently applied knowledge, accelerated skill acquisition and a healthy mind in a healthy body are the bridge to POWER.

The power to transform your mind, yourself and ultimately your reality.

This week:

Prospect Theory: Navigating Decision-Making for Optimal Outcomes

Understanding Prospect Theory

People value gains and losses differently, leading to irrational decision-making. Because the pain of losing is psychologically more powerful than the pleasure of gaining.

Understanding this theory helps recognize personal biases in risk assessment and guides more balanced decision-making strategies.

4 Strategies to Apply Prospect Theory

  1. Counteract Loss Aversion: Recognize situations where fear of loss might lead to overly conservative choices. Sometimes, taking calculated risks is necessary for significant gains.

  2. Reframe Outcomes: Try reframing potential losses as missed gains or vice versa. This can help in assessing situations more rationally.

  3. Emphasize Long-term Thinking: Focus on long-term outcomes rather than immediate gains or losses. This perspective can help mitigate the impact of loss aversion.

  4. Review Decision Patterns: Reflect on past decisions to identify when you may have been influenced by loss aversion or risk-seeking behavior. Learning from these instances can inform future decisions.

The key to effective decision-making lies in understanding HOW we think, not just WHAT we think.

IQ Boost Recap today:

  1. Simple Language Prompt (that converts)

  2. CopilotS (Microsoft GPTs)

  3. Prospect Theory (risk it?)

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