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the magical word that gets the attention of businesses, entrepreneurs and normal people in 2024.

So here’s a PRO tip if you sell AI solutions:

When you talk to a non-tech owner in a "boring business", do NOT mention the word CHATBOT. It leaves them cold, I saw it on my calls.

Replace it with AGENT or ASSISTANT.

I swear it's magic to close the deal or get paid more, words are powerful.

Now let’s make you smarter and more productive with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar: consultant, educator on practical AI, predicted smart chatbots in 2017, helped Google in 2021, accelerating 10.000 high-performers in 2024 and preparing you for 2027.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. Work of 3 in 1 Agentic Prompt Hack

  2. Agent TEAM - Boodle Box

  3. Social LOAFING

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

P.S. If you missed the newsletter from last week: Obama and ChatGPT

1/3 Power Prompt:

I am convinced that everyone can benefit from having a Creative Strategist and Digital Marketing Expert at their service. 

To build income, products, marketing campaigns, scale your work and business.

The Little Problem?

It would cost you AT LEAST $10.000 per month.

The Big Solution?

We automate them!

Here's how we create AI Agents prompts that work for you, to replace a whole marketing department, with expert prompting, problem-solving and outside the box thinking:

Copy the Power Prompt from this cleanly formatted Google Doc:

2/3 Leverage the AI Brain

Agent TEAM with Boodle Box

I tried this recently released tool and it’s VERY impressive!

You can prompt together with your team and collaborate with AI agents in the conversation.

Try it out, not an affiliate, just good practical AI stuff that I use:

5 people have already signed up for something powerful in April.

But registration deadline closes in 72h, early bird spots are soldout:

Your First AI Powerhouse Mastermind

We worked with 40 consultants on AI up-skilling, and they loved it. A B2B client had us turn their team into AI Power Users in just 2 weeks.

So we are doing an experiment in April: a 12-person max group coaching.

It is a beta with a price that is too low, because we are giving B2B knowledge to B2C.

What costed them $4000 you get for less than $300. ONLY this first round.

2 weeks, 4 sessions. Selected members. Turn you into an AI Power User.

“What exactly is this?”

These are four LIVE 1-hour workshops + Q&A sessions. It will start in Mid-April (date and time to be confirmed together with you)

We will equip you with practical AI workflows to save time and increase revenue: Zapier and Make. com automations, VoiceFlow agents, sales outreach structure, AI workflows and tools that work.

Here's the math:

By reclaiming 10 hours per week + more sales, assuming an hourly rate of $50...

You'll unlock $500+ per week in revenue/cost saving.

Full details below, reply to this email if you have questions:

Closing gates in 72h. Early bird spots are soldout.

3/3 Sharper Human Brain

This week:

Social LOAFING in Teamwork

Social loafing occurs when individuals exert less effort in a group compared to when they work alone, under the assumption that their contribution is less noticeable or pivotal to the overall outcome.

It can subtly undermine team projects, diluting the collective energy and focus required for exceptional results.

3 Strategies to Counteract Social Loafing

  1. Limit Group Size: Smaller groups reduce anonymity and increase the visibility of each member's contribution. Consider breaking larger teams into smaller units to tackle specific tasks or components of a project.

  2. Highlight Individual and Team Achievements: Regularly acknowledge both individual contributions and team achievements. Recognition serves as a powerful motivator for continued effort and commitment.

  3. Encourage Peer Evaluation: Incorporate peer feedback as part of the project review process. Knowing peers will review their contributions can motivate team members to maintain a high level of effort.

For me, teamwork means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

So 1 + 1 + 1 = 5.

If not, go solo.

AI IQ Boost you got today:

  1. Work of 3 in 1 Agentic Prompt Hack

  2. Agent TEAM - Boodle Box

  3. Social LOAFING

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