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The AI Second Brain

(shorter, cooler, smarter, written with Italian love)

I’ll be honest, it’s hard…

And if you’re successful in business and work, it will only get harder.

Because if you can’t master this 1 skill you will lose income and burnout eventually. In my first year of entrepreneurship, I had to learn it from scratch.

But I’ll provide some smart AI solutions today, for you and me.

FIRST though, little update from a little company called Microsoft:

“Microsoft Corp. is developing a large language model with about 500 billion parameters. The LLM, which is said to be known as MAI-1 internally, is expected to make its debut as early as this month.”

Guess they are trying to depend less and less on OpenAI? I wonder what Sam Altman thinks of this.

Now let’s make you smarter and more productive with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar: consultant, educator on practical AI & automation, predicted smart chatbots in 2017, helped Google in 2021, accelerating 10.000 high-performers and businesses in 2024.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. Prio Prompt

  2. EisenTime

  3. Eisenhower in the Matrix

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

P.S. If you missed the newsletter from last week: A ChatGPT MISTERY

1/3 Power Prompt:

The skill I’m talking about is:


You might say: “Alex, that’s not new!”.

Sure, but do you MASTER it? Be honest.


Let’s fix it today, because this skill has HUGE impact on your work, your business and your life trajectory.

Copy-paste it from this Doc and give it a spin TODAY, before it’s too late and you waste more time on “busy work”:

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We’re a development, data science and design studio working with founders and execs on custom software solutions. We turn AI/ML ideas into realities–from chatbots to NLP and more.

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2/3 Leverage the AI Brain

If you don’t have time for the Power Prompt, here’s the GPT solution that I found works best:

3/3 Sharper Human Brain

This week:

The Eisenhower Matrix: Old reliable

One tool that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness is the Eisenhower Matrix. Named after Dwight D. Eisenhower, who emphasized the importance of distinguishing between the urgent and the important.

This tool helps you maximize productivity by organizing tasks based on their urgency and importance.

The Eisenhower Matrix divides tasks into four quadrants based on two criteria: urgency and importance.

3 Strategies to implement it:

  1. Evaluate Tasks Rigorously: Regularly assess your to-do list. Be honest about the importance and urgency of each item.

  2. Prioritize Quadrant 2 Activities: These activities are your biggest contributors to long-term success and personal fulfillment.

  3. Limit Time in Quadrant 4: Actively reduce or eliminate activities that fall into Quadrant 4.

Not all tasks are created equal, focus on what moves the needle.

AI IQ Boost you got today:

  1. Prio Prompt

  2. EisenTime

  3. Eisenhower in the Matrix

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Free SOC 2 Compliance Checklist from Vanta

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- Alex N🌟

P.S. if you have questions or looking for solutions, just answer this email, I try to answer and be helpful, I’m a human, not an AI. Yet.

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