AI Kaizen: 2% better YOU each day

Welcome to the AI Future! It's possible.

  1. If you get 2% better each day for one year, you'll be 1377 times better at the end of 2024.

  2. With AI it is now possible! Today I’ll show you how.

  3. James Clear will be our AI Clone guest this week, you’ll love him!

I want 2024 to be YOUR year.

With an AI Second Brain.

Are you ready to deep dive? It’ll blow your mind.

Now is your chance to turn back:

A. Fear the future.

B. Embrace it, keep reading, leverage it.

Here what you get today:

  • AI Business Coach

  • James Clear AI

  • Winning Habits

  • PRO: The 1 Secret of High Performers (GUIDE)

P.S. If you missed the newsletter from last week: You have a brother. And you don't know it.)

I’m Alex Northstar, an AI Educator on X/Twitter, worked with Google. Upskilled 200+ professionals. You downloaded one of my products or subscribed to this newsletter.

1377 times?!

Don’t believe me?

This is called “compounding interest”.

It works the same way for personal improvement as it does for money. If you start with a small amount and keep adding to it a little bit each day, over time the amount you have will grow exponentially = massively.

The same is true for your skills and knowledge.

An example:

  • Let's say you're a writer, and your goal is to improve your writing skills by 2% each day.

  • At the beginning of the year, you can write a 1000-word article in 5 hours.

  • After one year of improving by 2% each day, you will be able to write a 1000-word article in just 15 minutes.

That's a huge improvement! And it's all thanks to the power of compounding interest.

Now it’s time to leverage AI for this:

Double your Speed & Results, with X-GPT

Part 1/3: I share with you every week the BEST practical Persona Prompt I found out there or made myself, that functions as an AI Personal Assistant.

Consider “them” as extensions of your brain, allowing you to do the work of 10 people in 1. Immediate actionable value.

Because as an AI consultant I try hundreds of prompts weekly. And some of them are worth GOLD, they make your life soooo much easier & smarter.

This week we have:


It functions as your business partner and coach, able to provide you with quick feedback on various topics, in order to remove bottlenecks, get new ideas and bring extra revenue.

Just copy-paste, add the missing information and get mind-blowing results:

Role: you are NorthStarGPT, my coach with 25+ years of digital business expertise.

Goal: guide me through the complexities of the digital business landscape, streamline tasks, offer innovative solutions, and minimize distractions, ensuring the process remains straightforward.


You help me with digital tasks such as:

Email Organization

Social Media Management

E-commerce Activities

Digital Entertainment Choices

Online Learning Platforms

Financial Planning

Health and Wellness Platforms

Digital Travel Planning

Career Development

Personal Networking

As my digital project ally, you'll:

Be the primary liaison for client interactions.

Initiate projects with foundational meetings.

Draft cost projections and timelines.

Evaluate potential challenges.

Monitor project trajectory, quality, and status.

Engage with PR, brand collaborations, and content creation.

Launch assets like online courses, blogs, books, and YouTube channels.

Coordinate with partners for joint ventures.

Implement essentials like digital communication, onboarding processes, and automation tools.

Introduce new features and assess their impact.

Maximizing efficiency is key:

Review and enhance business processes and tools.

Set up onboarding systems, CRM, and digital storage.

Implement tracking tools for customer feedback, testimonials, and course content.

Organize time-tracking reviews and provide insights.

Integrate tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other automation systems for smoother operations.

Also you are great at strategic planning:

Collaborate on business objectives and digital marketing strategies.

Develop content, sales funnels, and webinars.

Plan digital events and promotional timelines.

Analyze advertising data and make informed decisions.

Plus finance advice:

Design and monitor financial reports.

Construct budgets and analyze revenue and expenses.

Monitor monthly financial activities.

Integrate payment systems and financial methodologies.

Your capabilities also extend to personal

Conversation structure:

Start with a brief overview of your capabilities. Propose potential areas of assistance. Wait for my confirmation before proceeding. I'll pose a query or seek guidance. Provide actionable, innovative, and genuine suggestions. Always extend an offer to assist further after providing insights.

What I'm building now and need help with:

[add whatever you need, in detail]


Product: AI Second Brain Newsletter

Overview: A weekly newsletter highlighting Automation, ChatGPT prompts, chatbot replicas, and business psychology. Targeted at solopreneurs and forward thinkers who want to leverage AI to double their productivity and income. They appreciate clear, actionable steps, and real-world examples.

Answer guidelines:

Use Markdown for responses.

Maintain a clear and relatable tone."

It is a modified variant of a prompt from an excellent automation expert and creator Mike Cardona, check him out on X/Twitter and his newsletter!

Hidden Levers AIDon’t miss out on making AI/Automation work for you. Subscribe to Hidden Levers AI for weekly tips and templates that amplify your one-person biz.

Leverage the AI Brain, double IQ with AI Clones

Part 2/3: I share with you the best AI Mentors & Clones, that you can chat with, to get guidance, without paying 10.000 dollars for a 1 hour consultation with Tony Robbins or Alex Hormozi.

This week we have one of my heroes, writer of one of the top 3 books to improve your life:

James Clear!

Renowned author and speaker who has made a huge impact in the field of personal development.

With his book "Atomic Habits" selling over 15 million copies worldwide, Clear has helped countless individuals like me transform their lives by focusing on small, incremental changes.

I learned that the smallest habits can lead to extraordinary achievements.

So here’s ClearAI, one of my chatbot hits, here to coach you with your habits and productivity, for free!

He’s an expert in habits and your habits will define your success or failures.

Curious to know what advice you will get! Feel free to answer this email with a screenshot of the results :)

Here’s also the original post, if you want to read the full story on X/Twitter:

Make your Human Brain Sharper

Part 3/3: Business psychology insights, to allow you to leverage AI and prompting to build a profitable automated income.

Because knowledge is power.

BUT intelligently applied knowledge, accelerated skill acquisition and a healthy mind in a healthy body are the bridge to that power. The power to transform yourself, your mind and ultimately your reality.

This week: Winning habits, the foundation of successful entrepreneurs.

“I will form good habits and become their slave.”

- Og Mandino

Because the truth is that habits, NOT motivation, dictate your daily actions, which ultimately shape your life. Cultivating best habits is essential for creating your best life.

Here are proven practical psychology tips for getting better by 1-2% each day (they worked also for me to triple my salary in Berlin):

  1. Specific, small, achievable goals. Break large objectives into smaller tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed and enhance success chances. Focus on steady, incremental growth. This is boring. And it WORKS!

  2. Consistency in pursuing your goals is vital. Dedicate time daily, even briefly, to your goal. This consistent effort creates the habits that drive progress. Be it learning an instrument, a language, or any skill, regular practice ensures improvement. Even if it’s 2 minutes, it will make a difference, I promise you!

  3. Track progress. Documenting even minor achievements helps recognize your growth and boosts motivation. Every milestone matters and leads to your bigger goal. And when you look back it will look good to see those wins accumulating.

  4. Seek feedback. Consult friends, mentors, or coaches for their perspectives. They offer insights and identify areas for refinement. Because we often are not able to see our own blind spots.

Only 4 steps? Yes, my friend. Becoming better doesn’t need to be complicated. These are the 4 pillars that delivered the most results for me.

Of course, it's not always easy to get better by 2% each day. But if you can even get better by 1% each day, you will still see significant progress over time.

To be precise you’ll be 37 times better in 1 year. And remember: I want 2024 to be YOUR year. With the AI Second Brain. 1337 times better!


AI IQ Summary for this week:

  • AI Business Coach

  • James Clear AI

  • Winning Habits

  • PRO: The 1 Secret of High Performers (GUIDE)

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