Special: The 4-Hour AI workweek is starting!

*Special issue today:

For months I had this idea:

If I can do everything with AI 4-10 times faster, why do we still need to work 40 hours per week?

So are you ready to start a 4-Hour Workweek?! With AI!

Because something BIG is happening:

I’m Alex Northstar, an AI Educator on X/Twitter, worked with Google. Upskilled 300+ professionals, educating 8000 entrepreneurs online. You downloaded one of my products on Gumroad or subscribed to this newsletter.

Since 2007, thousands of people achieved FREEDOM, inspired by this book.

So me & Lyle, 2 crazy AI guys, ex-corporate trainers for Google and Hyundai, turned digital nomads, went on a mission, in November 2023.

To build:

“The 4 Hour AI Workweek”

Because in the corporate world we were teaching people skills for the job: sales, marketing, advertising, soft skills, leadership.

But we failed to teach people how to achieve FREEDOM.

The freedom to WIN back their time, to enjoy life, to build meaningful things, to spend more time with their family.

But AI is THE tool to finally achieve this. I am 100% sure of this, it worked for me, it will work for you, and it will work for 10.000 other people this year.

So let’s start!

80 trainings on practical AI to WIN 2024, with community, interactive exercises, videos, prompts, strategies, tools.

The GIFT today: you get the first 10 trainings for free!

Because I am confident that what we built will help you win 2024.
Even those 10 trainings will make a difference!

Here’s what some of the early members are saying:

The choice is yours, check it out HERE.

BONUS: When you join you also get invited to our paid Skool community.

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See you Tuesday, Big Brain! 🌟🧠

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