Incoming: one of the MOST POWERFUL ChatGPT features!

Looking forward to it

If you are serious about using AI, you probably want it to be your trusted virtual assistant.

Which is NOT at the moment. It requires extensive prompt engineering.

BUT this is about to CHANGE:

According to the latest article from OpenAI very soon ChatGPT will:

“Improve responses with your chats” (still in beta, for a few users).


Your GPT will carry what it learns BETWEEN chats, allowing it to provide more relevant responses. As you chat, it will become more helpful, remembering details and preferences.

This is a BOMB!

This means that if you know what you're doing you will essentially build your VA!

I’m excited about this, let me know your thoughts.
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Now let’s get to business and make you smarter and more productive with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar, an AI Educator on X/Twitter, worked with Google. Upskilled 300+ professionals, educating 8000 entrepreneurs online. You downloaded one of my products on Gumroad or subscribed to this newsletter.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. Auto Prompt Engineer Prompt (FAST & POWERFUL mega prompts)

  2. Auto Videos! (in 2 min instead of 2 hours)

  3. Backfire Effect (don’t kill your sales)

  4. PRO: Perplexity to Build a One-Man Business Empire (Power Prompts)

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

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1. Double your Speed & Results, with X-GPT

Part 1/3: Get the BEST Power Prompts I found out there or made myself, to automate your tasks.

Consider them as extensions of your brain, allowing you to do the work of 10 people in 1. Immediate actionable value to copy, paste, bookmark and use.

This week we have:

Auto Prompt Engineer Prompt (A TASTE of the 4 Hour AI-Workweek, more details below)


1. You can leverage AI to do prompt engineering.

2. You don’t have the whole day to write long prompts. Take smart AI shortcuts.

Just copy-paste, add the necessary info and get mind-blowing results:

The META prompt for Prompt engineering:

Act as a world-class expert prompt engineer. You turn boring ChatGPT prompts into spectacular practical CHATGPT prompts that bring results.

I am going to start by giving you a prompt.

In double-brackets is the [TASK]

[add task]

Then, your task is to create a better, more effective, creative, detailed, and highly effective prompt tailored to produce optimal responses and outputs from ChatGPT.

For each request, carefully design a prompt that incorporates a SPECIFIC ROLE, such as "act as [role]."

For example, "Act as an Accountant…."

You need to MAKE A NEW PROMPT as detailed and comprehensive as possible. Don't just repeat what I request, improve and build upon my request and focus on enhancing the original request to ensure that the final prompt elicits the most relevant, useful, and engaging response from ChatGPT.

Before you give me the final output, ask me relevant questions that you might need. Like Tone (Give examples, Friendly, Conversation, Happy, Formal, Instructional, Professional, etc ) Other examples you may need are target market, niche, and end-user information. You should know the product name, my name, or anything that will help you make a better prompt.

MUST FOLLOW RULE 1: Don’t ask me questions that you can find from your world knowledge. Only Ask the questions you need to fill in the blanks to make it work. So please don’t ask me for features.

MUST FOLLOW RULE 2: Don’t ask me fluff questions. Ask Only things that you MUST KNOW to generate the prompt, for without them, you would not be able to create the prompt.

MUST FOLLOW RULE 3: Always make the last question ask, “Is there anything else you think might be helpful?”


List the questions (if any) numbered.

Then tell me to use the word [EXECUTE] when I am done with my answering. [EXECUTE] means the ONLY OUTPUT I WANT is the [TASK] - Remember, the [TASK] is to make a new and improved prompt.

Here is the prompt I want you to make better:

[ Desired prompt. Enter your prompt here. ]



Credit goes to original prompt creator & Community top contributor of “The 4 Hour AI Workweek”: Alex @byalexai, check him out on X/Twitter.

2. Leverage the AI Brain: x2 IQ with AI Clones

Part 2/3: I share with you the best AI Mentors & Clones.

To chat and get guidance, without paying $10.000 for a 1h consultation with Tony Robbins or Alex Hormozi.

This week we have:

Video CreatorGPT

I tried the top 12 trending GPTs with the release of the GPT Store and THIS one is SOLID.

Made me an epic video on lasagna with the family in 2 minutes!
Stuff that used to take me 2 hours last year, when I was a mediocre Youtuber ;)

Make easy AI videos here, FREE:

Try it out! Curious to know what you will get!

Feel free to answer this email with a screenshot of the results.

Brief interruption for something SPECIAL

“The 4-Hour AI Workweek” BIG launch is happening in 2 days!

Get the latest updates, exclusive events, daily discussions, Partner Network and cool AI stuff!! Plus Telegram community (107 smooth operators are there)

Latest joiner who tried it out:

3. Make your Human Business Brain Sharper

Part 3/3: Business psychology insights

Because Knowledge = Power.

BUT intelligently applied knowledge, accelerated skill acquisition and a healthy mind in a healthy body are the bridge to that power:

The power to transform 1. your mind, 2. yourself and ultimately 3. your reality.

This week:

The Backfire Effect and Marketing: Navigating Customer Convictions

In the dynamic world of marketing, understanding the Backfire Effect is crucial for us high-performing entrepreneurs and marketers.

This cognitive bias occurs when, instead of changing their minds, individuals strengthen their beliefs in the face of contradictory evidence.

When faced with conflicting information, instead of reconsidering their stance, people often become more entrenched in their original viewpoint. In marketing, this can make persuading customers to switch brands, try new products, or abandon misconceptions challenging.

This presents a unique challenge: how do you change minds or sell a new concept without triggering a backfire?

4 Strategies to Mitigate the Backfire Effect

  1. Emphasize Common Ground: Start with what your audience already believes or values. By aligning your message with their existing beliefs, you reduce the likelihood of triggering a defensive reaction.

  2. Use Storytelling and Emotional Appeal: People are often more receptive to narratives and emotional connections than just facts. Stories that resonate with your audience can be more persuasive and less threatening.

  3. Encourage Open-mindedness: Frame your message in a way that encourages curiosity and open-mindedness. Phrases like “Consider this perspective…” can be less confrontational.

  4. Repeat and Reinforce: Repetition of your message, especially through different mediums and formats, can help gently shift beliefs without causing a backfire.

It's not just what you say; it's also how you say it, Big Brain.

IQ Boost Recap today:

  • Auto Prompt Engineer Prompt (try it)

  • Auto Videos! (easy content creation)

  • The 4-Hour AI Workweek Course (join us, in 2 days)

  • Backfire Effect (avoid it)

  • PRO: Perplexity to Build a One-Man Business Empire (Power Prompts)

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