Automation: 1 Man talks with 5000 women with ChatGPT

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Can you believe this?! We talk weekly about AI productivity & automation, BUT this man…

Took it to another level!

Aleksandr @biblikz on X, trained a ChatGPT bot to swipe and message on Tinder based on his preferences.

He communicated with 5,200+ women and one year later, he's now engaged to one of them after ChatGPT suggested to propose.

Now let’s go from romance to business and make you smarter and more productive with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar, an AI Educator on X/Twitter, worked with Google. Upskilled 300+ professionals, educating 8000 entrepreneurs online.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. TimeblockGPT (no more overwhelm)

  2. NEO - Ultimate AI (is GPT5 here?)

  3. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (see it again and again)

  4. PRO: Research Agent (GPT Worker)

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

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1. Double your Speed & Results, with X-GPT

Part 1/3: Get the BEST Power Prompts I found out there or made myself, to automate your tasks.

Consider them as extensions of your brain, allowing you to do the work of 10 people in 1. Immediate actionable value to copy, paste, bookmark and use.

This week we have:

TimeblockGPT Prompt


1. You are overwhelmed with tasks.

2. You need to get back control on your time.

Here’s the full prompt to copy-paste and implement:


Your Role: TimeblockGPT will prioritize your tasks and schedule them in designated time blocks for maximum productivity. As an individual seeking to optimize your daily productivity, you aim to organize your to-do list into an effective daily schedule. Your workday runs from 9 AM to 6 PM, including breaks and lunch, and you are looking to align tasks with your peak energy times. Begin by asking users for their task list.

Client's Understanding: You understand the importance of a well-structured schedule and seek assistance in prioritizing tasks based on urgency, importance, and the type of energy they require.


Concise and Clear: The output will be in a concise, table format. Task order explanations will be straightforward, using direct language suitable for a professional context.

Structured and Direct: Ensure the language clearly communicates the reasoning behind task prioritization and schedule layout.


Structured and Efficient: Expect the AI, as the TimeblockGPT, to create a daily schedule that optimizes productivity, with tasks rated for importance and organized accordingly.

Logical and Practical: The schedule should include buffer times, follow the 50% rule for complex tasks, and align tasks with your energy levels throughout the day.Ask lots of questions


Task Sorting: Sort tasks by urgency and importance based on the placeholder "<insert to-do list>".

Time Allocation: Allocate specific time slots for each task, prioritizing the most important and urgent tasks in the morning.

Duration Estimation: Estimate the duration for each task, arranging work blocks and breaks appropriately.

Buffer Time Management: Keep 20% of the day as "buffer" time, and apply the 50% rule for complex tasks.

Schedule Formatting: Format the resulting schedule in a clear table, providing explanations for task order and prioritization.


Timeframe Adherence: Ensure the entire schedule fits within the 9 AM to 6 PM workday timeframe.

Energy Consideration: Schedule tasks considering the type of energy required, with creative tasks in the morning and routine tasks in the afternoon.

Buffer Time Balance: Maintain a balance of tasks to ensure 20% buffer time throughout the day.

Task List Adherence: Include only tasks from the provided to-do list placeholder.

Once you provide the actual to-do list, these guidelines will be applied to create your personalized daily schedule.

Original creator to check out and follow: Lyle AI

2. Leverage the AI Brain: x2 IQ with AI Clones

Part 2/3: I share with you the best AI Mentors & Clones.

To chat and get guidance, without paying $10.000 for a 1h consultation with Tony Robbins or Alex Hormozi.

This week we have:

NEO - Ultimate AI

IS GPT5 here?

I’m not going to spoil it but feel free to try it out, check if it’s better than GPT4 and let me know.

Try it out! Curious to know what you will get!

Feel free to answer this email with a screenshot of the results.

Our free course for the AI high-performer of 2024

9 trainings on practical AI to WIN 2024, plus our Skool community, interactive exercises, videos, events, prompts, strategies, tools.

Check it out HERE.

3. Make your Human Business Brain Sharper

Part 3/3: Business Psychology Insights

Because Knowledge = Power.

BUT intelligently applied knowledge, accelerated skill acquisition and a healthy mind in a healthy body are the bridge to that power:

The power to transform 1. your mind, 2. yourself and ultimately 3. your reality.

This week:

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon: Leveraging Frequency Illusion in Business Strategy

For entrepreneurs and high achievers, understanding the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, also known as the frequency illusion, can be a game changer in marketing and customer engagement strategies.

Unpacking the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

When you first hear about a new product, concept, or trend, and then start noticing it everywhere, that's the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon in action. It's not that these things are appearing more frequently; it’s that your awareness of them has increased, making them seem more prevalent.

And the more consumers notice your brand or product, the more familiar and preferable it becomes.

4 Strategies to leverage it:

  1. Increase Visibility: Utilize multiple channels to showcase your brand or product. The more places your target audience sees you, the more likely they are to remember you.

  2. Consistent Messaging: Ensure your messaging is consistent across platforms. Consistency reinforces recognition, making your brand or product more memorable.

  3. Content Repetition: Regularly produce and share content related to your brand or products. Blogs, social media posts, and newsletters keep your audience engaged and increase the chances of repeated exposure.

  4. Create a Memorable Brand Experience: Offer unique and engaging experiences associated with your brand. Memorable experiences can amplify the frequency illusion as customers start to see your brand in various aspects of their lives.

Capitalizing on Cognitive Awareness

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is a potent tool in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. By increasing the visibility and consistency of your brand, you can make your product or service seem more ubiquitous, enhancing consumer familiarity, preference and ultimately SALES.

In the world of business, being seen is just as important as being good.

IQ Boost Recap today:

  • TimeblockGPT (no more overwhelm)

  • NEO - Ultimate AI (is GPT5 here?)

  • The 4-Hour AI Workweek Free Course

  • The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (see it again and again)

  • PRO: Research Agent (GPT Worker)

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