ChatGPT Dynamic?! + The Italian Grandma AI Agent

Yes, you read that right.

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Actually no… ChatGPT… Dynamic.

It’s… something.

Beware of the clickbaiters today, this is what it actually does:

"This seems to just be a NEW MODE where the model, or a model anyway, decides which model is appropriate for the current question being asked.

It does this every exchange."

Source: @AndrewCurran_ on X.

Now let’s make you smarter and more productive with the AI Second Brain:

I’m Alex Northstar: consultant, educator on practical AI, predicted smart chatbots in 2017, helped Google in 2021, accelerating 10.000 high-performers in 2024 and preparing you for 2027.

Here’s the AI value that you get this week, Big Brain:

  1. No Delving! Style Copy Prompt

  2. The Italian Grandma Agent

  3. The Contrast Principle

Let’s deep dive into the productive AI Brain to win 2024!

P.S. If you missed the newsletter from last week: Work of 300 in 1

1/3 Power Prompt:

One of the latest memes in the AI community is the word “delve” being spammed by ChatGPT everywhere.

No human uses that word.

So our friend and AI expert Ruben (follow him on X) shared the other day a great prompt to emulate writing style AND avoid the robo words that are a DEAD giveaway. (Prompt and post link in image description below.)

2/3 Leverage the AI Brain

The Italian Grandma Agent

I’m sick and tired of all the HOT, big breasts AI money traps…ehm…I mean AI influencers girls going viral around lately.

So I made a counterattack!

Try her out FREE:

85% of all AI Projects Fail, but AE Studio Delivers

If you have a big idea and think AI should be part of it, meet AE.

We’re a development, data science and design studio working with founders and execs on custom software solutions. We turn AI/ML ideas into realities–from chatbots to NLP and more.

Tell us about your visionary concept or work challenge and we’ll make it real. The secret to our success is treating your project as if it were our own startup.

3/3 Sharper Human Brain

This week:

Fun fact: they are the same size

The Contrast Principle in Sales and Persuasion:

The Contrast Principle relies on the human tendency to perceive two things as more different when experienced in close succession. For example, after presenting a higher-priced item, a slightly less expensive option seems even more reasonable, even if it might have seemed costly in isolation.

3 Strategies to Apply the Contrast Principle

  1. Sequence Your Offers: Always present the higher-priced or premium option first. This sets a psychological benchmark, making subsequent offers seem more appealing in terms of cost and value.

  2. Use Visual Aids: Employ charts, graphs, and side-by-side comparisons in your presentations. Visual contrasts strengthen the perceived differences and make the benefits of the preferred choice more apparent.

  3. Leverage Anchoring: Use the first piece of information (like price or quality) as the anchor. This influences how subsequent information is perceived, anchoring their expectations in a way that benefits the sale.

By carefully structuring how options are presented, you can significantly increase the attractiveness of your offerings.

OR defend yourself from sales pros abusing this.

AI IQ Boost you got today:

  1. No Delving! Style Copy Prompt

  2. The Italian Grandma Agent

  3. The Contrast Principle

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